In UD+P Cohousing Communities, a mix of vertical-built urban residences with flowing common spaces allows residents to maintain independence while building strong connections with their neighbors.  These aren’t just a collection of homes—residents truly form a community in which collaboration and socializing brings everyone together.

Residents shape their community and continue to learn and grow together. Decision making for the building is collective, and by sharing resources within the community, residents can enjoy more and higher quality amenities. Residents unite around a common vision -- the community grows the space and the space grows the community.

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A Community Designed by You

UD+P brings extensive design and construction experience to each cohousing project to implement the residents’ personalized vision. Residents design their perfect community to suit their lifestyle. Communities can include patios for parties and entertaining, storage for bikes and kayaks, or guest accommodations for friends and family. Residents own their individual units, ensuring that they retain the power to make decisions about how the community functions and grows. 

Vibrant Urban Life Right Outside Your Front Door

UD+P Cohousing Communities are located in vibrant, walkable neighborhoods with easy access to public transportation and all the city has to offer. Connections between residents foster shared experiences and a central urban location ensures that restaurants, entertainment, and recreation are within easy reach.

Because of its close neighborhood ties, UD+P Cohousing allows residents to actively participate in the broader community. For UD+P Cohousing community members, friendship and social life, urban exploration, and outdoor adventures are a step away from the front door. 

PDX Commons

In Portland, Oregon, UD+P is currently working with a group to design and build PDX Commons, a senior cohousing community in one of the city’s most walkable neighborhoods. The design process is currently underway, with future residents meeting monthly to make design decisions, sort out organizational details, and, most importantly, build friendships and spend time getting to know each other. When complete, the community will have 20-30 households creating the perfect balance between social relationships and personal space. 

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Flanders Cohousing

As work on PDX Commons moves forward, UD+P is planning for its second senior cohousing community at NW 23rd and Flanders in Northwest Portland.

Located in the heart of one of the city’s most walkable neighborhoods, Flanders Cohousing will offer residents the opportunity to have ownership not just in their property, but in a community they help to build from the ground up.

Building a Community

 “What we’re doing is creating the community first and then putting the building around it. We’re designing a building that pushes people together rather than divides them up. A lot of us are excited about the creative process. It’s been quite rewarding.”

Lew Bowers, member of PDX Commons

“Jim and I get to be involved in making decisions – not just in our personal living space – but in the space we’re gong to use as a community. That’s really important to us. We love the community concept – I can have as much privacy or as much community as I want at any given time because of the way the building is designed.”

Nancy Burgi-Oleson, member of PDX Commons

“What I like about cohousing is the ability to have privacy when I want it and access to community and everything the city has to offer right outside my front door. Even though we haven’t broken ground yet, PDX Commons is already building community.”

– Debbie Kogan, member of PDX Commons

“It’s important to us that we’re located close to the city center so that we can take transit and get downtown within 20 minutes. We want to be able to walk to most places and really enjoy and participate in the neighborhood we live in. We’re looking forward to going on bike rides through the city – getting on the streetcar and going to a play or out to dinner.”

– Jim Oleson, member of PDX Commons