Investing in beautiful buildings with lasting value

The assets in UD+P investment funds are much more than just names and numbers on a piece of paper. When our capital partners invest with us, they are investing in artfully constructed, income-producing real estate projects that enhance Portland’s economy and livability. As a vertically integrated company, we shepherd each project through the full lifecycle—finance, design, construction and management—enabling us to maximize returns to investors, residents and the community.

Generating Returns through Ups and Downs

With nearly all other investment firms, fund managers are paid handsomely for simply making transactions—regardless of how their investors fare. At UD+P, we have done away with short-term financial incentives that only benefit managers. Instead, investors are paid first, and UD+P managers are compensated only after achieving specific target yields.

By connecting investors directly to community assets with long-term value, we have created a more-efficient and responsible investment structure. With two successful funds generating attractive yields and two more funds underway, we can say with confidence that our model is a success. Case in point: UD+P funds generated consistent financial gains for our investors during one of the greatest economic downturns in history.

A Portfolio with Impact

By pooling capital from multiple investors, we can invest in real estate opportunities that are larger than most individual investors can consider. We bring underutilized community assets back to life, buying properties only when the intrinsic value is markedly higher than our cost. We then manage our real estate assets so they appreciate in value, creating long-term capital gains. Meanwhile, investors earn quarterly yields from rental income generated by our real estate portfolio—and residents benefit from lively, thoughtfully designed buildings that enhance urban neighborhoods.


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