NW 26th & Vaughn
Portland, Oregon

The Fairmount Hotel was completed just in time for the 1905 Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition in Portland. Located on NW 26th Avenue—across from what was once the Expo's entry gate—the Fairmount was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2000. UD+P is excited to apply our renovation and preservation expertise to this vital piece of Portland history so it can be enjoyed by Portland residents for another century or more. 

Though the building needs extensive repairs and upgrades, we love its historic character, turn-of-the-century architectural features, and exceptional location. Over the next year, the property will be overhauled with new plumbing and electrical, a new roof, and new landscaping—all while preserving the historic charm of the Fairmount's beautiful exterior. The renovated Fairmount Apartments will have approximately 80 modern units, all with private bathrooms, with street-facing entrances for many first-floor units.

The smaller-than-average square footage of the units will allow for cheaper rent than is typically found in comparable downtown Portland apartment buildings. This will help to set up The Fairmount Apartments as a viable choice for those who wish to live in a well-appointed historic building without the expensive rent associated with larger, similarly located apartment units.

Architect: Michael Flowers Architect, Inc.

Estimated Date of Completion: Summer 2018