Our Approach

These principles are central to our identity and our approach to real estate development:


Adaptive reuse: We renovate existing building for new uses, reducing our impact on the environment and preserving our city’s fabric and history.

Mass timber: When appropriate, we utilize mass timber in our projects because it combines strength and stability with environmental benefits like energy efficiency and a decreased carbon footprint.

Energy efficiency: By making our buildings as energy-efficient as possible, we’re combatting climate change while making spaces more comfortable for tenants.

Transit-oriented infill development: Urban infill projects make efficient use of land and reduce the need for travel by car. Each of our projects is accessible to public transit and Portland’s bike network.


Addressing community challenges: As real estate developers, we’re in a unique position to help address the challenges of affordable housing and homelessness in our community. In 2017, we opened a temporary homeless shelter in a UD+P building planned for development, and members of our team serve on advisory committees addressing affordable housing and equity.

Supporting local businesses: We partner with the businesses that lease space with us to ensure their spaces are set up for success—when they first move in and as they grow.

Fostering walkable neighborhoods: Every UD+P project is surrounded by amenities like grocery stores, barbershops and restaurants, allowing more people to reach their daily destinations with just a quick walk.


Putting investors first: We redesigned the compensation structure to link our success directly to the success of our investors. That means no annual asset management fees and moving the majority of compensation to a performance fee. The result: less risk, higher returns, and better buildings.

Planning for the long term: Our buildings are designed and constructed to last for generations, connecting investors to community assets with long-term income-producing value.

Refusing to follow the crowd: Our knowledge of the local market allows us to pursue projects in a way that avoids competition with buyers willing to pay too much, creating value for our investors.