Adams Creek Cohousing

1419 Sherman Ave, Hood River, Oregon

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ADAMS CREEK COHOUSING IS A MULTI-GENERATIONAL COHOusing community currently in formation in Hood river, Oregon. Guided by Principles of sustainability and collaboration, Adams Creek Cohousing will be an inclusive community committed to enhancing the lives of members and the broader community.

Located in Hood River, Oregon, in the scenic Columbia Gorge, Adams Creek Cohousing is an intergenerational community focused on sustainability and supporting one another. Adams Creek Cohousing is committed to enhancing the lives of members in the community through a wide range of activities and events. Grounded in the shared values and visions of members, the community will strive to foster connections among members and with the greater community, embrace diversity, empower members through consensus decision-making, and encourage environmental stewardship. Adams Creek

Current Status
As of Spring 2019, Adams Creek Cohousing members are working with the project consultant team to design their community. Members of the consultant team include developer Urban Development + Partners, cohousing consultants Cohousing Solutions, Inc. and Lew Bowers, and architect Schemata Workshop.

For more information about joining the community, go to the Adams Creek Cohousing website.


Project Features:

  • 24 homes and a common house with shared amenities.

  • 2.5 acres of land with a creek and views.

  • Access to a range of outdoor and recreational activities in the Scenic Columbia Gorge.

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