In 2016, in partnership with Beam Development, UD+P entered into a long-term land lease with the owner of this 17,922 sq ft lot in Portland’s burgeoning Central Eastside. Under the terms of the lease, we may acquire the land at a set purchase price in 10 years.

UD+P and Beam will develop this site, which is strategically located close to several other UD+P properties. We are exploring development scenarios, one of which incorporates hospitality and residential uses to compliment the hospitality program proposed for our neighboring property, Hotel Chamberlain.


Architect: Works Progress Architecture


Project Features:


  • Proposed program includes a mix of residential and extended-stay units along with ground-floor retail and parking
  • Hotel amenities available to extended-stay and apartment dwellers (ala Four Seasons)
  • “On demand” services and conveniences such as concierge, room service, and housecleaning
  • Transit, pedestrian, and bike friendly location along the No. 6 bus and Portland Streetcar routes and a short walk or bike ride away from an expanding assortment of restaurants, bars, and shops

  • Situated in the Central Eastside among a growing cluster of creative services, professional services, and high-tech businesses

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