UD+P Urban Cohousing

Create a community. Then make it home.

In UD+P Cohousing Communities, a mix of vertical-built urban residences with flowing common spaces allows residents to maintain independence while building strong connections with their neighbors. These aren’t just a collection of homes—residents truly form a community in which collaboration and socializing brings everyone together.

Residents shape their community and continue to learn and grow together. Decision making for the building is collective, and by sharing resources within the community, residents can enjoy more and higher quality amenities. Residents unite around a common vision—the community grows the space and the space grows the community.

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Building a Community

 “What we’re doing is creating the community first and then putting the building around it. We’re designing a building that pushes people together rather than divides them up. A lot of us are excited about the creative process. It’s been quite rewarding.”

Lew Bowers, member of PDX Commons