Leading the way in transforming urban construction

UD+P acquires and redevelops real estate in urban settings with the goal of improving livability and adding community value. We breathe new life into underutilized properties, using quality, sustainable materials and innovative technology to ensure that our buildings will last for generations. We take each detail of our buildings seriously, working closely with architects to create design solutions that suit the needs of tenants and complement our neighborhood streetscapes.

Increasing Livability in the Urban Core

We are committed to engaging neighborhoods early and often to ensure that our projects address community needs and enhance community connections. Every UD+P project is easily served by public transportation, creating new opportunities for Portlanders to live and work in walkable “20-minute neighborhoods.”


Generating Returns by Doing the Right Thing

Unlike many developers, UD+P is not here to just build and sell. We believe in moving beyond the minimum: the interests of our company are inseparable from the interests of the people with whom we work and the communities and environment we share. As a vertically integrated company, we shepherd each project through the full lifecycle—finance, design, construction and management—enabling us to maximize triple-bottom- line returns to investors, residents and the community. Our track record of success is proof positive that when we do the right thing for the right reasons, we generate better returns.

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